A Pi Day Love Story: Happy anniversary to Jaclyn and Bob Burton!

Beyond Rubik's Cube

There are two reasons we love March 14. 1) It’s Pi Day, and 2) it’s the three-year wedding anniversary of Jaclyn and Bob Burton!

On March 14, 2015, Bob and Jaclyn tied the knot in Liberty Science Center’s Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition, with LSC President and CEO Paul Hoffman performing the ceremony. The story of their wedding was even published in The New York Times.

Bob and Jaclyn chose to get married in Beyond Rubik’s Cube because they’re huge fans of the Rubik’s Cube puzzle. In 2012, they showed off their speedcubing techniques at LSC’s Genius Gala 1.0.

Three years after their wedding, Bob and Jaclyn still keep LSC deeply in their hearts.

“[My wedding day] was the best day of my life,” Jaclyn says. “The staff at LSC helped create a day I couldn’t even envision – the most unique and special day I could have asked for.

“LSC went from being a favorite field trip experience as an elementary student, to our favorite place to host Rubik’s Cube competitions, to the location of my perfect wedding, and now to the place our son loves to visit and experience with us.”

Happy anniversary, Bob and Jaclyn! May your day be filled with lots of speedcubing!

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