AT&T virtual reality experience at LSC shows dangers of distracted driving

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Did you know research shows that nearly 9 in 10 people admit to using their smartphone while driving?

From July 6 through July 10, Liberty Science Center will be the home of a special, limited-run exhibit from our friends at the AT&T It Can Wait Tour that aims to end distracted driving-related deaths.

The exhibit is a 3-D virtual reality experience that simulates what happens when a driver texts while at the wheel. The surrounding wall is decorated with car keys to represent lives lost in car crashes, as well as a memorial wall with representative crushed car parts.

All of these features contribute to the goal: to convey the tragedy that can come from texting and driving.

"It's a teaching tool like nothing you have ever seen before," says AT&T Tour Manager Michael Stephenson. "There is something about feeling like you are a part of it that helps you to understand the gravity of situation."

After completing the five minute VR experience, guests are asked to make a pledge to put down their phone while they drive, and practice other safe driving techniques.

Come take the pledge yourself! AT&T It Can Wait will be here at LSC through Tuesday, July 10 every day from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.

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