Beyond Rubik's Cube - Day 29 - Masterpiece cube

LSC News Beyond Rubik's Cube

We’re 29 days away from the opening of Beyond Rubik’s Cube! As part of the countdown, we’ll reveal a new behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition every day!

Excellence, opulence, decadence crafted into one of the most beautiful and, with a pricetag of $2.5 million, expensive toys ever conceived.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the invention of the Rubik’s Cube, Fred Cuellar of Diamond Cutters International crafted a Rubik’s Cube from diamonds, rubies, emeralds, amethyst, sapphire, and 18 karat yellow gold. The result was a priceless and beautiful work of art called The Masterpiece Cube.

The Cube was unveiled in 1995, but it has never been displayed publicly. For the first time ever it will travel internationally as a part of Beyond Rubik’s Cube. Be jealous, Kanye.

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