Black hole expert Dr. Jenny Greene kicks off LSC’s astronomy lecture series

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Some of the greatest minds in astronomy are coming to Liberty Science Center for our new lecture series!

On select Friday evenings throughout the year, we’ve invited experts in topics such as black holes, supernovae, exoplanets, space instruments, and more to lead incredible presentations in our Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.

It’s just one of the many highlights of our new program, Friday Nights @ LSC, when the Science Center stays open late from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm for a night of astronomy adventures you won’t get during the daytime.

Our first event was Friday, March 8, and we were joined by black hole expert Dr. Jenny Greene, professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University.

<i><center>Dr. Jenny Greene</i></center>
Dr. Jenny Greene

Guests filled the planetarium for Dr. Greene’s presentation, which explored her research on looking for intermediate-mass black holes. Dr. Greene also discussed the future of black hole research, which she says will include measuring the motion of stars or gas at the centers of small galaxies.

The audience members asked many great questions, such as what is the largest black hole we’ve ever found (about the size of 10 billion suns) and how close is the nearest black hole to Earth (hundreds of trillions of miles away!).

The night’s activities also included planetarium shows, delicious snacks, otherworldly activities and experiments, out-of-this-world cocktails for guests 21 and over (“Cosmic Lemonade” and “Seeing Stars”), stargazing via high-powered telescopes, and a Queen Laser Show. All the exhibitions were open for guests to explore.

Be there for Friday Nights @ LSC! Click here to learn more, get tickets, and see the schedule of upcoming dates.

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