Chroma key technology lets you jump into episodes of 'Arthur'

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We are big fans of Arthur here at the Science Center, especially since one of our newest experiences is Arthur's World! In this exhibition based on the PBS TV show and popular Marc Brown books, you're invited to build a love of reading and learning through activities set within classic Arthur locations.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the ability to actually appear in the show with Arthur and his friends. Check it out:

This incredibly cool part of the exhibition uses what's known as "chroma key" technology.

Chroma key technology works by taking a specific color and replacing it with a computer-generated image. Often, chroma walls are called green-screens, but in reality they don’t have to be green. Any solid, uniformly colored background can work with chroma key.

This is the same technology that allows weather people to stand on top of a map, or to create fantasy worlds for many movies!

Our chroma wall is a big green wall found in the “Lakewood School Auditorium” area of Arthur's World. Anything in the image that is not green remains visible, and anything that is green will be replaced with one of your favorite Arthur scenes. You can be on top of the world with Arthur, stretch and count with D.W., sing the famous "Library Card Song" with the whole group, and more!

Don't miss it! Click here to learn more about our Arthur's World exhibition exhibition.

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