Teen Summer Docent volunteer Ritika Thomas holds up her certificate

Diary of a Teen Docent Volunteer: Ritika Thomas

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This summer, as a Teen Docent at Liberty Science Center, I had the opportunity to surround myself with the subject that I am most passionate about: science!

People from all over the world, and from all different backgrounds, enter these doors every day with an open mind and enthusiasm for learning new things. I was lucky enough to spend my summer interacting with people in some of their most curious moments.

At the Microbes Rule! exhibition, I explained the discovery of vaccines and the science of the immune system to a guest who I later learned was a retired doctor. He told me all about his own research of vaccines, giving me the unique experience to learn from a professional. Furthermore, at Sean Kenney’s Art Made with LEGO® Bricks, I chatted with a young learner – who dreams of being an architect! – about the internal structure of the amazing, larger-than-life LEGO sculptures in the exhibition.

Also, at several points throughout the summer, I was able to practice my French with visitors who traveled here all the way from France!

I am grateful for the experience of spending my summer working at LSC, one of the most renowned science centers in the world. I gained valuable skills, met new people, and learned from others while also sharing my own knowledge. I will never forget my time spent as a Teen Docent volunteer!

Ritika Thomas was a participant in LSC’s Teen Summer Docent program, Summer 2019. Click here to learn more about the program!

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