Exploring senses, practicing Braille, and more at LSC's Special Needs Day

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Guests learned dance moves, explored different senses, met live animals, and more at Liberty Science Center’s most recent Special Needs Day event!

LSC features experiences for guests of all ages and stages of learning every day. But on Special Needs Days, we offer an entire day of science learning tailored to special needs classes.

On our most recent Special Needs Day, held April 9, we were joined by students, families, and teachers who experienced many brand new activities and adventures.

At the Sensory Stations, guests explored various textures, sounds, and movements. Kids practiced their fine motor skills by tying knots, and used a listening device to amplify the sounds around them.

Learning to tie knots

Using a device to amplify sounds

Over at the 3D printing table, visitors learned how innovative technology is used to design prosthetics for people who have lost limbs. Visitors even viewed prosthetics that were made with 3D printers in LSC’s MakerLab.

At the same table, guests viewed 3D printed magnetic Braille tiles – also made in LSC’s MakerLab – and practiced spelling out their name in Braille.

Practicing Braille

There were several dance performances and exercises throughout the day. We were joined by performer Mr. Chris, who got the crowd moving with his trombone, guitar, and singing voice.

Having fun with Mr. Chris

We were also joined by performers from the Center for Modern Dance Education in Hackensack, who taught different dance moves that everyone could participate in.

Learning different dance moves

More activities included coding robot mice, finger-painting alongside Madagascar hissing cockroaches, creating glacier models with gobs of gooey gak, and meeting therapy dogs from Creature Comfort Pet Therapy in Morris Plains.

Gooey gak!

In addition to these adventures, we accommodated our guests for Special Needs Day in many different ways, such as expanding our lunch space to provide more access to wheelchairs. Additionally, the AV team reduced the volume and the projectionist provided more lighting in our theaters.

At the end of the day, we caught up with some teachers who chatted about the great time their students had.

“This is really a great day where the kids are able to go out and enjoy themselves while feeling comfortable,” said Daniela Mantineo from The Deron School in Union.

“It’s so great for them to have the opportunity to try out all these different things,” said Michelle Ballard from Monroe Township High School in Monroe Township. “It’s so much fun and great exposure, and the kids absolutely benefit from this. They get to try things they wouldn’t normally try, and in a safe and secure environment.”

Thanks to everyone who joined us! Click here to learn more about Special Needs Days at LSC.

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