Fabiano Caruana, Liberty Science Center Visiting Grandmaster in Residence, plays 20 games at once for Chess Works! fundraiser

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It’s well known that children who play chess on a regular basis–no matter what their level of play–experience improvements in critical thinking, memory, analytical power, and decision making. As such, Liberty Science Center is developing Chess Works!, a weekend and after-school chess program for kids.

Fabiano Caruana, the highest rated American chess player ever, has partnered with LSC on this initiative and serves as LSC’s Visiting Grandmaster and Chess Works! Ambassador.

Fabiano–whose chess playing takes him all over the world–was in town this week taking on 20 opponents at once at LSC’s Chess & Magic event (See our full album of pictures!), meeting with local students, and reconnecting with former coach Bruce Pandolfini at the famed Marshall Chess Club.

He also spent a very rainy afternoon with LSC CEO Paul Hoffman in Washington Square Park recreating a picture printed by The New Yorker in 2001 when Fabiano was just 8 years old and Paul authored a profile of Bruce for the magazine.

Bruce_Fabiano_Washington Square Park

Bruce Pandolfini and Fabiano Caruana in Washington Square Park circa 2001 [left]. Bruce and Fabiano recreating the photo in 2015 [right].

Pandolfini Defense_2015with PH_Color

Bruce Pandolfini [left] with Paul Hoffman [center] and Fabiano Caruana [right].

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