For cockroaches, there’s no place like home

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There’s no place like home! That’s just as true for people as it is for animals.

Every day during Conservation Week (April 19-28), you’re invited to play zookeeper and build a home for our Madagascar hissing cockroaches in our “Habitat Sweet Habitat” activity.

So what kind of home does a cockroach want, anyway? To figure that out, guests start by reading a fact sheet and learning about the different habits of cockroaches.

Learning about cockroaches

From there, guests take their knowledge and build a habitat for the cockroach using different decorative items.

Choosing which items should go in the habitat

When building the home, there's a lot to consider. For example, would a cockroach be happy with lots of plants in their habitat? Yes, because they mainly feed on rotting plant material! And would they be happy with lots of bright colors in their home? Maybe! Although cockroaches are nocturnal and tend to avoid light during the day, they might be attracted to the bright colors because they eat brightly-colored fruits.

After the research and design steps, guests enter the testing phase by observing the cockroach for three minutes in their new home. Madagascar hissing cockroaches at LSC spend approximately 78 percent of their time resting, so if the cockroach spends most of its time resting, then that means success!

Observing the cockroach in its new habitat

Observing the cockroach in its new habitat

Seeing the cockroach up close!

This activity is a great way for visitors to learn a little bit about how to take care of animals!

Build a happy home for a Madagascar hissing cockroach every day during Conservation Week! You can find the activity in LSC’s Our Hudson Home exhibition from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Click here to learn more.

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