Get inspired by stem cell pioneer Robert J. Hariri

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Get inspired by Robert J. Hariri! A New Jersey resident, Hariri is pioneering the use of stem cells to cure disease and slow aging.

The Chairman, Founder and CEO of Celularity, Inc., in Warren, NJ, and Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Human Longevity, Inc., Dr. Robert Hariri is the quintessential renaissance man. He’s a neurosurgeon, a medical researcher, and a serial entrepreneur in two technology sectors: aerospace and biomedicine.

Dr. Hariri has advised the Vatican on genetics, and in 2018, Pope Francis bestowed on him the Pontifical Key Award for Innovation. Dr. Hariri’s path to discovering that the placenta, a temporary organ discarded after birth, was a potent source of stem cells began in the 80s when he viewed a first trimester ultrasound of his oldest daughter and wondered why the placenta was so large.

Today Dr. Hariri is working to use placental stem cells to cure disease, slow aging, and augment healthy human lifespan.

Hariri was honored at LSC’s Genius of New Jersey event on Dec. 2, 2019. Check out this video highlighting his amazing career:

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