Green roof

Green roofs, pollinator gardens, and more: a look at LSC’s green initiatives

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Yesterday was Earth Day – and you may have seen our post about our wind turbine! This wind turbine, facing the Manhattan skyline, contributes energy to our building and serves as a great example of how wind energy can help us be sustainable.

Wind turbine at Liberty Science Center

But our wind turbine isn’t our only green initiative!

Liberty Science Center has solar panels over our parking lot, which contribute energy to our building.

Solar panels in the parking lot

The green roof on top of the gift shop (next to the new Weston Family Art and Science Pavilion) serves two functions: it reduces surface runoff from the roof and insulates the store below from both heat and cold.

Green roof

If you’ve visited LSC during our Wild About Animals springtime celebration, you may have visited a greenhouse with growing plants. These plants will be added to a special pollinator garden outside to help local bees and butterflies (including our own honey bees!).

Guests in the greenhouse

We have dozens of animal ambassadors – from tarantulas to chinchillas – that help inspire the next generation of scientists to conserve our planet for the sake of all our species!


Have you heard the buzz about electric cars helping us tackle climate change? If you already have one, LSC’s parking lot has chargers for electric vehicles right in our parking lot.

We know that’s a lot, but there’s more coming! Keep following the LSC blog for updates!

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