Gridiron Glory: A tale of two trophies

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It’s been a wild few weeks here at LSC. Opening Bob the Builder — Project: Build It and Gridiron Glory a week apart has had the LSC staff abuzz with excitement. We can’t believe the moment to open Gridiron has finally arrived!

The Lombardi Trophy (right) has been placed in its rightful spot in the Champions Theater. The Toilet Bowl Trophy (left) will be featured prominently in our live-action interactive show "Kids in the Huddle".

Gridiron Glory is a beautiful exhibition and we know people will love it. For a football family, it’s the best bonding time you can have short of dodging seagulls while you tailgate at the Meadowlands. Besides letting a big exhibition like Gridiron stand on its own, our staff comes up with all sorts of creative, educational, and entertaining ways to support the exhibition.

Look at all this stuff. We're going to have a blast!

In a few weeks we’ll be opening “Kids in the Huddle”, an interactive live-action show that teaches kids the science behind football complete with witty commentators and flying pigskins. Among other floor activities, our STEM educators are offering a program for home schooled children that teaches them all about the materials sporting equipment is made from. Those types of programs are just the start. We’re going to post a ton of great videos and photos throughout the exhibition’s run. We can’t wait to see you there!

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