Groovik's cube construction begins

LSC News Beyond Rubik's Cube

Mike Tyka (center) and Paul Hoffman (right) check out the frame for Groovik's Cube.

Beyond Rubik’s Cube is coming April 2014 and it just wouldn’t be a proper Rubik’s Cube exhibition without a giant, suspended, electronic, LED Groovik’s Cube.

The Groovik’s Cube comes to us courtesy of Groovelabs. Originally built as an interactive art project for the Burning Man festival, Groovik’s Cube is based off the Rubik’s Cube and challenges players to solve the puzzle by working together. Three people will control the lights on the cube simultaneously, taking the solitary game experience of solving a Rubik’s Cube and making it social.

Computer "kits" like this help relay the moves from the three separate kiosks surrounding the cube to the lights inside.

At the center of each square is an LED panel. The LEDs face a reflector to help distribute the light evenly over the cube.

Installing each of the squares was a bit of a challenge (especially in the corners). You might notice all the cardboard boxes. The materials used to build the cube are lightweight, so it only weighs about 2 tons. Thank goodness. We're hanging it over our heads!

Looking good!

Once the panels and electronics are installed, the lights will be tested and the cube will be suspended from our atrium. We can’t wait!

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