LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes

Guests 21+ travel back to the 1920s at LSC After Dark: Science Speakeasy

LSC After Dark

Earlier this month, Liberty Science Center traveled back in time for the ultimate Prohibition-era party! LSC After Dark: Science Speakeasy was Jan. 16, 2020, a glittering shindig featuring casino games, fiery experiments, hidden speakeasies, and more.

We had a blast! Take a look at some of our favorite highlights from the night:

Playing casino games

LSC After Dark guests at the casino

Texas hold’em. Roulette. Blackjack. Craps. 3 Card Poker! Our front entrance was transformed into a casino, with guests enjoying all these games throughout the night.

Seeking out the hidden speakeasy for delicious whiskey tastings

At the whiskey tasting at LSC After Dark

Don’t tell the fuzz! Located somewhere at LSC After Dark was a hidden speakeasy that guests were invited to find. (Spoiler: It was in a secret room behind the food vendors.)

Once guests found the hidden speakeasy, they were treated to delicious drink tastings featuring Johnnie Walker and Tanqueray.

Experiencing fiery experiments

LSC After Dark staff member doing a fiery experiment

All night, guests enjoyed fiery experiments on the casino floor! In one experiment, we burned real $100 bills which – surprise! – didn’t get destroyed. That’s because when you dip money in a solution of ethyl, water, and salt, then light it on fire, the dollar won’t burn – the liquid will!

Check out this video of the experiment in action:

Taking lie detector tests

LSC After Dark guest taking the lie detector test

Liar, liar! At the Lie Detector Lab, guests took real lie detector tests and learned the science behind polygraphs. Lie detectors typically measure three things: heart rate/blood pressure, skin conductivity, and respiration. Any fluctuations from the normal level of these biological responses may indicate that a person is lying.

Eating through the neighborhood

LSC After Dark guests eating cotton candy

Guests ate their way through the neighborhood via local food vendors, courtesy of Midnight Market.

Learning the science of the Roaring ‘20s

Planetarium showtime schedule

We remember the Roaring ‘20s as the years of jazz and Prohibition, but it was also an explosive time in astronomy and space science. That was the theme of our newest planetarium show, Astronomy of the Roaring ‘20s! Attendees learned the historic moments during this time period – from the launch of the world’s first liquid fuel rocket to the discovery of the Big Bang – and gained a new appreciation for the decade.

In addition to Astronomy of the Roaring ‘20s, guests also enjoyed the Ariana Grande Laser Show.

Exploring cutting-edge tech at the Innovation Station

LSC After Dark guests at the Innovation Station

Every month at LSC After Dark, our Innovation Station highlights the latest in must-see technological innovations.

This month, we were joined by the company Fetch. Fetch is an app that enables people to get internet access from their smartphones to their computers without a hotspot. It’s a great way to create more affordable and faster internet usage – a safe and secure cyber alternative to using public and non-secured WiFi networks!

Entering the costume contest

LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costume

We held a costume contest on the dance floor, where guests showed off their 1920s style! Even people who didn’t show up in costume still got dressed up via free beads and fedoras that we handed throughout the night.

Here are some of our favorite looks:

LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes
LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes
LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes LSC After Dark guests in 1920s costumes LSC After Dark guest in 1920s costume

A confetti surprise!

Confetti drop at LSC After Dark

We surprised guests at the end of the night with a giant confetti drop! Happy New Year!

LSC After Dark guest laying in confetti

Thanks to everyone who came out! Tickets are now available for LSC After Dark: Pajama Party on Feb. 20, 2020 from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Click here to get them now.

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