Guests embrace their inner child at LSC After Dark: Pajama Party

LSC After Dark

Right after Valentine’s Day, Liberty Science Center invited everyone to continue the love by having an adult-only slumber party! At LSC After Dark: Pajama Party on Feb. 20, 2020, guests made DIY face masks, experimented with essential oils, built blanket forts, and more!

There was no snoozing at this pajama party – everyone had a blast! Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the night:

Singing on the big stage: karaoke!

What’s a sleepover without karaoke? Our Joseph D. Williams 3D Science Theater became the big stage for all to show off their talents. Ballad, rock jam, or hip hop, everyone came and brought their own style!

Making face masks

Guests made DIY face masks to enjoy at home. All you need is honey, lemon juice, and baking soda to make the base of your face mask!

Playing pillow fight dodgeball

Pillow fight? Dodgeball? It’s both! We combined these two fun games into one for the ultimate pajama party challenge. Guests had a blast throwing pillows at each other!

Check out a clip:

Learning about aromatherapy with essential oils

Oh, the scent-sation! Guests learned about the benefits of aromatherapy at our Scentsation Station. They even used different oils like lavender, lemon grass, and peppermint to make their perfect mix.

Having a taste at the Ketel One Botanical tasting lounge

What’s a pajama party without some drinks? Ketel One Botanical brought a tasting lounge with a few yummy tastings. Guests lounged in colorful bean bag chairs while enjoying the delicious drinks.

Along with the lounge, guests personalized their drink at a garnish cart located at the Ketel One Botanical Bar. Yummy!

Participating in the costume contest on the dance floor

All in their pajamas, guests hit the dance floor in a costume/dance contest where winners received a special prize. DJs NKNX and Délé tested guests’ moves with different songs!

Watching Laser Dreams and Lovers of the Cosmos in the planetarium

Lasers and music! Songs like “Dreaming” by Blondie, “Dream On” by Aerosmith, and “Last Night” by The Strokes were accompanied by a laser show, made right here at Liberty Science Center!

Guests also checked out our Valentine’s Day-themed planetarium show, Lovers of the Cosmos. This show explores love stories of the sky, highlighting constellations such as Perseus and Andromeda.

Building a blanket fort

Grab a blanket and start building! Guests had a blast in our exhibit, Block Party, where they added blankets to create their own structures.

Can you do it in the dark?

But can you? Many guests found themselves fumbling in the dark. In this special Valentine’s Day-themed game, guests were challenged (without looking!) to put a condom on a phallic-shaped vegetable while competing against someone else. Along the way, our staff member, Dorothy – who has a background in sex education – taught guests about safe sex practices.

Trying all the tasty treats from Midnight Market

Can't forget comfort food at a pajama party! Midnight Market and all of the food vendors hit the spot with their slumber party goodies.

Creating dreamcatchers

Never have a nightmare again with your brand new dreamcatcher! Hand-woven with a variety of colors, guests created dreamcatchers to hang right above their bed.

Guests also learned about the history of dreamcatchers. They are a craft made by people all over the world in many different cultures, but likely originated with the Ojibwe tribe, then later mixed with Lakota cultural tradition. Did you know they were originally placed on the beds of babies, as a symbol of protection for the child?

Taking home endangered species condoms at the Innovation Station

This month at the Innovation Station, we were joined by our friends from the Center for Biological Diversity, who handed out free endangered species condoms. Guests also learned how human population growth and overconsumption contribute to issues like species extinction, habitat loss, and climate change.

Navigating the Sleepwalking Maze

Via a blindfold and LiDar technology, guests tried to navigate their way out of the Sleepwalking Maze! Without any sight, guests depended on the technology – which beeped loudly whenever they got close to an obstacle – to help them make it through to the exit.

Partying in pajamas!

Here are some of our favorite pajamas of the night:

Thanks to everyone for coming out!

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