Mariah Cain flies in the sky

History made at LSC as guests experience human flying machine

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The weekend of Oct. 12-14, history was made at Liberty Science Center!

On these days, we invited some very special guests to help our Fall Fest celebration “soar” to even greater heights. We were joined by Mariah Cain and TeamDragonAir as they demonstrated a real human flying machine that they built themselves!

Mariah Cain and her flying machine
Mariah Cain with her human flying machine

Mariah and Team DragonAir are competitors in the GoFly competition. GoFly is a worldwide $2 million competition to invent a personal flying machine that’s safe, quiet, ultra-compact, and takes off vertically.

All throughout the three-day weekend, guests joined Mariah on the back lawn as she took flight on her hovercraft.

Mariah Cain flies in the sky
Mariah Cain takes flight

Guests watch the flying demo
Guests watch the flight demo in action

Guests watch the flying demo
Guests watch the flight demo in action

Guests watch the flying demo
Guests watch the flight demo in action

Check out a video of the hovercraft in flight:

Following the demonstrations, Mariah held Q&As with guests and answered questions about the engineering of the hovercraft, the experience of flying, and the future of flight and transportation.

Mariah Cain conducts a Q&A
Mariah Cain answers Q&A questions

“There’s something beautiful about being in the air,” Mariah said. “It’s empowering. I never knew you could experience the world like that.”

Although Mariah only flew for a few minutes at a time, she explained that her machine is capable of flying for 47 straight minutes, and could travel as far as from Liberty Science Center to Times Square – assuming there were no flying regulations in her way!

Mariah Cain speaks with guests
Mariah Cain chats with guests

Mariah said she hopes that one day every human is able to have a personal flying machine like hers.

"I don’t think anyone’s really experienced anything like this," she said. "But I hope they all do soon.”

Mariah Cain and Team DragonAir take a group photo with guests
An unforgettable weekend!

Thank you to Mariah Cain, Team DragonAir, and GoFly for bringing the future of flight and transportation to Liberty Science Center! Be sure to follow us here on the LSC blog, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for news on incredible tech that you can experience right here at the Science Center.

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