It's the freakiest show! LSC After Dark throws 'Freak Show' event

LSC After Dark

Things got freaky last night as Liberty Science Center threw its latest LSC After Dark party, “Freak Show,” a celebration of everything bizarre and unreal!

For this event, there were some truly strange (and fascinating!) people roaming the building. Adam Rinn, a sideshow performer from the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, gave a presentation uncovering the secrets of a sideshow, including the psychology, biology, and physics that make these death-defying feats possible.

For guests who wanted to tap into their freaky side, professional makeup artist Dani Fonseca from The Body of Art was there to help.

Dani is the makeup artist from Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video, where she famously made-up the singer to look like cultural icon Zombie Boy. Right outside our freaky new Illusion exhibit, Dani gave Zombie Boy-inspired makeovers to several lucky guests and showcased how she gave Mother Monster one of her most peculiar looks.

We had all kinds of freaky activities and experiments throughout the building, such as a skull lab and a bed-of-nails demonstration.

One of our Animal Interpretation Associates walked around the building and showed off some of our “freaky” animals – like snakes – while helping people realize that the more you learn about “scary” animals, the less scary they become.We also had a “Dragon’s Breath” lab where people dipped animal crackers in liquid nitrogen and then watched as – voila! – they breathed out smoke like a dragon.

Although delicious food and cocktails were served all night, guests were eager to try out our Bug Buffet where they munched on crickets and grasshoppers and learned the surprising nutritional value behind eating bugs.

A few feet away, guests enjoyed an Absinthe tasting, courtesy of Jersey Wine and Spirits.

When people weren’t exploring the exhibits or rocking out on the dance floor, they were buying and browsing through offbeat art, jewelry, and gifts. Our entire PSE&G Court was filled with vendors from the Jersey City Oddities Market so people could do a little shopping for the freaks in their lives!

We also had a strongman/woman competition to see which of the so-called “tough guys” at the party were really as tough as they claimed. Guests showed off their muscle in arm wrestling and thumb war competitions.

Thanks to everyone who came out for “Freak Show”! It was an amazing night.

To see more photos from the party, head over to our LSC After Dark Facebook page. Make sure to follow us there as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

Tickets are now available for May’s LSC After Dark event, “Grecian Gala,” a party inspired by ancient Greece! Togas are encouraged, but not mandatory. Get tickets now.

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