Live From Surgery: 3D Printed Prosthetics

Peek inside the operating room! Liberty Science Center's Live From Surgery program offers viewers a unique opportunity to watch real surgeries and envision a career in the medical field.

Join the Live From Surgery Team for a presentation on how 3D printed prosthetics are changing the face of medicine! In this video, viewers will explore how consumer 3D printing is leading to an even bigger revolution: “DIY” assistive devices that can be printed by virtually anyone, anywhere.

Viewers can choose to work alongside our educator and make their own prototype of a 3D printed prosthetic! For those participating, please have paper (construction or printer), yarn or string, 2-3 straws, a pencil, scissors, and tape.

Check it out:

This live stream originally aired on LSC's Facebook page on May 5, 2020. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more amazing live streams like this one!

We would like to give a special thank you to the members and supporters who continue to make this science learning possible through their support of the LSC Sustainability Fund!

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