Planetarium Online: Last Chance to See Jupiter and Saturn

Join us for an online preview of Liberty Science Center’s amazing planetarium shows. This month’s topic is: Last Chance to See Jupiter and Saturn!

In this free, virtual program, join one of our planetarium presenters as we show you how to spot Jupiter and Saturn from your own backyard. There is a beautiful conjunction of these two planets this holiday season…and they’ll both be gone right after New Year’s!

Check it out:

This live stream originally aired on Liberty Science Center's Facebook page on December 3, 2020.

Liberty Science Center is home to the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in America. Video for this presentation was created on an Evans & Sutherland Digistar 6 system.

After you watch the online program, be sure to join us for a show in-person. Click here to learn more and get tickets now.

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