Let’s celebrate World Turtle Day!

Did you know May 23 is World Turtle Day?

World Turtle Day was created by American Tortoise Rescue as a day for us to learn and protect turtles around the world and in our own backyard.

Have you ever seen a turtle moving around by your home, or across the street, or on the beach, or in the woods? Eastern Box Turtles are common in forests and woodlands of New Jersey, especially around water sources. Now that it's warmer, they're out trying to find a mate, food, water, or nesting spot.

Unfortunately, many turtles are injured or killed from vehicle strikes, as they have a difficult time trying to move out of the way.

If you happen to see a turtle crossing the road, the best thing you can do is check your surroundings, be aware of other drivers, and observe the turtle at a safe distance while allowing it to cross the road on its own. You should never pick up a wild animal.

The Eastern Box Turtle is just one of many species of turtles we have in our state. There’s also Common Map Turtles, Common Musk Turtles, Common Snapping Turtles, Diamondback Terrapins, Eastern Mud Turtles, and Spotted Turtles, to name a few. New Jersey also has Wood Turtles, which are listed as threatened, and Bog Turtles, which are endangered.

The Eastern Box Turtle is one of the many animal residents at Liberty Science Center! While LSC is temporarily closed, you can check out LSC’s Animal Updates, every Wednesday at 11 AM, streamed LIVE on our Facebook page.

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