Liberty Science Center brings ‘Game of Thrones’ to life at 21+ event

LSC After Dark

Game of Thrones is currently airing its eighth and final season on HBO, and Liberty Science Center celebrated with the ultimate Thrones event!

On Thursday, April 18, visitors packed the building for LSC After Dark: Whiskey in Westeros, the latest in LSC’s monthly event series for guests 21 and over. Both fans and non-fans had a blast as LSC turned into Westeros for one thrilling night, with whiskey tastings, fire and ice experiments, and activities inspired by the hit series.

It was the perfect marriage between pop culture and science! Here’s a look at some of the amazing experiences guests had at the sold out event:

Meeting the Wolfdogs


Game of Thrones fans are familiar with loyal direwolves from the show. But although direwolves aren’t real, wolfdogs are!

At the event, we were joined by wolfdog visitors from Howling Woods Farm. Guests learned about this gentle and misunderstood species, and how they are threatened by hunters who incorrectly perceive them as a threat. In fact, there are many instances of ecosystems being damaged by the near-extinction of wolfdogs.

Sitting on the Iron Throne

On the Iron Throne

Throughout the night, guests posed like kings and queens on our Iron Throne. Although the Iron Throne was constructed with steel on the show, ours was made via laser cutters and EPS and EVA foam right here in the LSC MakerLab.

Posing in the Wall of the Many-Faced God

In the Wall of the Many-Faced God

Guests also took photos at the Wall of the Many-Faced God, which fans will remember as the site of Arya Stark’s dangerous journey in Seasons 5 and 6. Like the Iron Throne, the wall was created in LSC’s MakerLab, via programming tools such as face scanners and 3D printers.

Experiencing a Game of Thrones Planetarium Show

Boomerang Nebula, the coldest known place in the universe

Guests headed to LSC’s Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere, for a planetarium show inspired by Game of Thrones.

Audience members learned about the unusual seasons in the world of Westeros, in which winters are unpredictable in terms of their length and severity. Our planetarium educators discussed the possible astronomical explanations behind this, such as the concept that Westeros is on a world orbiting two suns, where the dynamics of two stars and a planet create unpredictable seasons.

The planetarium show also featured constellations that resonate with the show (such as Draco the Dragon, which is reminiscent of Daenerys’ dragons) and explored fiery and icy places in the universe, such as the Boomerang Nebula, which is the coldest known place in the universe.

Practicing Archery with the Night King

Archery training

Over in our Skyscraper! exhibition, guests tried out their archery skills by shooting arrows at the Night King, one of the greatest villains on the show. LSC staff members helped guests hone their skill, with useful tips such as how they should always hold the bow with their non-dominant hand (because your dominant hand should be used to pull the string).

Guests also put on a virtual reality headset and practiced their archery skills via an immersive game called QuiVr.

Experiencing the Show of Ice and Fire

At the Show of Ice and Fire

Guests experienced a thrilling live show with experiments showcasing ice and fire. Viewers watched as our educators created a glowing icy blue cocktail using luminol and hydrogen peroxide, made a cloud by mixing boiling hot water with liquid nitrogen, and even (safely) set their hands on fire via a water glove that absorbed the heat.

Do not try at home!

Creating Dragon Eggs

Making dragon eggs with a 3D pen

Daenerys isn’t the only one with dragons. Upstairs in our lab, guests used 3D doodle pens to design their own dragon eggs, and even brought their creations home with them.

The lab also contained an activity where guests measured dragon skulls and compared them to more familiar animals.

Trying Out the Coffee Machine of the Future

Mugsy, the coffee machine of the future

The party wasn’t just about Game of Thrones! Every month, our LSC After Dark events feature an Innovation Station, where guests experience the latest in must-see tech.

This month, our Innovation Station highlighted Mugsy, the world’s first hackable, customizable robotic coffee maker. Every aspect of the brew can be controlled, from grind size and water temperature to pour over pattern and bloom time. Users can even communicate with the coffee machine via text or Twitter.

So Much More!

The night included so many more adventures, including a Game of Thrones trivia game, five different whiskey tastings, food vendors from Midnight Market, a laser show featuring pop songs from the early part of the millennium, a specialty whiskey bar, a balloon drop, and a costume contest.

Game of Thrones trivia competition

One of the whiskey tastings

Balloon drop!

On the dance floor

Congratulations to cosplayer Casterly Fox, who won the costume contest for her unmatched Cersei Lannister!

Winner of the costume contest

Thanks to everyone who came out! Get tickets now to LSC After Dark: Paws and Prosecco on May 16, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

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