Liberty Science Center is bringing its Home School programs online for the 2020-21 school year

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For the first time, Liberty Science Center’s Home School programs are going digital for the entire school year!

Sign up now for one of LSC’s virtual Home School Days, happening online every month through June 2021. Each program runs 45 minutes, and is structured in a way that families with multiple children of different ages can have a shared, age-appropriate educational experience.

Learners are grouped by age: Adventurers (ages 4-6), Investigators (ages 7-9), and Specialists (10-12). While we do not restrict families to stay within grade bands, the content is built for an understanding of the recommended science targets according to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Each Home School Day program is inspired by a different scientist, beginning Oct. 7, 2020 with microbiologist Francisco Mojica. Inspired by Mojica’s discovery of CRISPR, students will be led through an experiment they can do from home to extract and examine the building blocks of life: DNA!

More featured scientists include British astronomer Margaret Burbidge, NASA scientist Annie Easley, marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, pharmaceutical chemist Tu Youyou, physician Anthony Fauci, and many more.

Each program is $12 for LSC members and $15 for non-members.

Click here to learn more and book your program now.

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