Liberty Science Center Volunteers donate 500,000 hours of service

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The wall in our Volunteer lounge with hands that tell stories about how and why our Volunteers decided to join.

Twenty two years ago Liberty Science Center began a Volunteer program that gave people a chance to bring science to life for hundreds of thousands of kids and adults from all over New Jersey, New York, and beyond.

Today, our Volunteer program has reached a major milestone having accrued 500,000 hours of Volunteer service.

There are so many programs that we simply could not do without our Volunteers. Pocket Science, Member Nights, Camp Ins, and quite literally dozens of others. Our Volunteers were also the main building crew behind TapeScape.

Please join us in congratulating all of our Volunteers for their 500,000 hours of service and the hard work put in by our Volunteer Coordinators.

Learn more about volunteering at Liberty Science Center.

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