Liberty Science Center’s team is 100% fully vaccinated!

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Here at Liberty Science Center, we recognize that the best way to keep our community safe is by following the science and getting vaccinated. Our team is 100% fully vaccinated against COVID-19!

In addition to keeping our community safe, everyone at the Science Center had a unique reason for getting vaccinated. Some wanted to protect their elderly family members or newborn babies. Others missed nightlife and visiting their favorite restaurants.

We spoke with some LSC team members about their reasons for getting vaccinated. Check out their responses below.

Paul Hoffman, President & CEO

“I follow the science. I got vaccinated because I don’t want to get sick or get anyone else sick. Now I’ve returned to what I love...going to work at the Science Center, hanging out in friends’ homes, and eating out in Brooklyn and Jersey City."

Yesha Neal, Special Events

“I got vaccinated because I have a 5-month-old baby at home and it was a huge factor in keeping her safe. Both my husband and I want to make sure most of the people in her life are vaccinated, and once it’s approved, she’ll be vaccinated too!”

Christina Ferrari, Marketing

“There are lots of reasons I got vaccinated. The biggest one is for my family – my dad is in cancer remission.

Another reason is because I miss nightlife and LSC After Dark! I miss seeing adults relive their childhood field trips in the Science Center. I miss the smoking cocktails, the packed dance floors, the DJs, the performers, the vendors, and all the people who come out in creative outfits. I really miss bringing this cultural experience to Jersey City.”

Deepesh Dhingra, Exhibits

“I got vaccinated because I work in very close quarters with my team at LSC, so I felt it was my responsibility to keep myself safe and my team as well. We constantly interact and collaborate, and it’s really important for us to have that safety net. It’s also so nice that we can all finally have lunch together instead of just eating at our cubicles.

I also got vaccinated because I want to see the Science Center filled with happy families. I was here in the building when it was closed and empty, and it was so depressing!”

Ivory Williams, STEM Education

“I got vaccinated because I always err on the side of safety – if it makes things safer for me, safer for my family, and safer for my team, I’m willing to do it. And I think in the end, no one ever regrets being safe when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

In fact, I didn’t even consider not getting vaccinated. I have a nearly 90-year-old grandmother I had to stay away from for over a year and a half. My daughter is unable to be vaccinated because she’s under 12. So, for them and myself, I got vaccinated.”

Ron Taglieri, Engineering

“I got vaccinated to protect myself and my family. My mom is a senior with underlying health conditions. I didn’t see her for eight months – she didn’t feel comfortable, and I didn’t feel comfortable being around her. Now I’ve seen her and it’s been wonderful.

I also got vaccinated so I can go back to the tiki bar near my house – Martell’s in Bayville!”

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