LSC expands enrichment program with a snake ball pit

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There’s a snake - in a ball pit! Liberty Science Center is adding a new addition to its animal enrichment program that includes a ball pit!

Our new enrichment activity allows our Malagasy Hognose Snake, Gabriel, to explore his surroundings in a ball pit. This particular snake species are diggers, and putting him in the ball pit demonstrates how he digs and moves through loose substrates. This enrichment is a great way for him to show our guests his natural behaviors.

Enrichment activities like this one allows the animals to be cared for based on their individual behaviors and instincts, as they might behave in their natural environments.

Our Animal Husbandry team interacts with the animals during their enrichment and tells fascinating animal facts to guests. Guests are then encouraged to get an up close look at the animals’ behavior in their natural environment.

The enrichment program, Out and About, happens every day at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm in the Eat and Be Eaten exhibition. The animals are rotated each day for the Out and About sessions. Check back in for our daily schedule to see which animals, including our friend Gabriel, are being brought out.

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