LSC is going green(er)

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Liberty Science Center has long displayed and actively used green solutions to conserve and create energy. With a green roof, wind turbine, managed precipitation runoff, and multiple solar arrays, the Center is moving towards energy independence.

In celebration of Earth Day, let’s review some of LSC’s green features.

Connections, Liberty Science Center's store, has a special insulation -- a green roof. The roof can be seen from many vantage points within the Center, including at the top of the staircase leading from the first to the second floor. The green roof serves two functions: it reduces surface runoff from the roof and insulates the store below from both heat and cold.

To demonstrate the feasibility of using wind as a source of energy in the NY-NJ metropolitan area, the United States Department of Energy installed a wind turbine on the Manhattan-facing side of the Center over a decade ago. The turbine is an extension of the Energy Quest exhibition, exploring issues of energy production and use.

In 2007, LSC completed a major expansion and renewal project that included a 100,000-square-foot addition to the original facility. The roof of the addition is completely covered with solar panels and can be seen from the fourth floor windows just outside the elevators.

The covered walkway leading to the Center's bus parking area is also covered with solar panels.

Soon, a new solar array will cover 300 parking spaces in the lot adjacent to LSC. The finished structure will be complete with LED lighting and electric car charging stations.

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