LSC team members venture beyond the Science Center for off-site adventures

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The Exhibition Leader team at LSC is always doing amazing work, from educating guests about our fascinating and diverse animals, to introducing visitors to our exciting new exhibitions. It's not often that they work off-site, but on Sunday, June 3, all of them did!

One half of the team traveled to the World Science Festival in Washington Square Park. They brought multiple unique activities, all centered around shipwreck archaeology. Kids even sifted through real human teeth!

The other half of the team spent the day at the Staten Island Zoo, which regularly partners with LSC for all kinds of conservation and animal-based events. On their visit to the zoo, the LSC team set up a table and invited guests to try out endoscopes and other tools that wild biologists may use.

At LSC, our Exhibition Leader team gets to teach visitors about the 100+ animal species that live here, from naked mole rats to cotton-top tamarin monkeys to leaf-cutter ants. So of course they were excited to check out the animals at the Staten Island Zoo, which included amphibians, peacocks, and more. "I have a great interest in reptiles, so it was great to see their exotic reptile collection," said Mikhail Harvey, wildlife and conservation ambassador intern.

Check out a few of our favorite photos:

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