Guests in Stranger Things Halloween costumes

LSC travels to the Upside Down for ‘Stranger Things’-inspired Halloween party

LSC After Dark

Joyce Byers. Chief Hopper. Eleven! All your favorite characters from Stranger Things packed Liberty Science Center on Thursday, Oct. 17 for our latest Halloween-themed LSC After Dark event for guests 21 and over: The Upside Down!

Although this event was inspired by the hit Netflix series, it was also the ultimate Halloween adventure. Both fans and non-fans of Stranger Things had a blast as we brought out spooky activities and experiments for a thrilling, unforgettable night.

Balcony at LSC After Dark: The Upside Down

Here’s a look at some of our favorite highlights from the evening:

Communicating via the Alphabet Light Wall

Guests in front of Alphabet Light Wall

All fans of Stranger Things remember the iconic scene in Season 1 when Joyce Byers communicates with Will – trapped in the Upside Down! – via alphabet Christmas lights. In our special lab inspired by that scene, guests learned a little bit of coding by programming messages to appear on our very own alphabet light wall.

Can you figure out what message these guests programmed?

Meeting some of LSC's creepiest residents

Red tailed boa constrictor

You don't need to travel to the Upside Down to meet some creepy creatures! Over at our Eekology presentation, guests got a close-up look at some of LSC's very own creepy crawly friends, including the red-tailed boa constrictor and rose hair tarantula.

Wearing goggles to explore the Upside Down

Guest tries doing basic tasks while wearing Upside Down goggles

How well would you survive in the Upside Down? Guests found out by wearing special goggles that turned their vision totally upside down! Participants challenged their friends to see who in their group was most successful at performing basic tasks while wearing the goggles.

Disappearing at the Castle Byers Illusion Chamber

All night, guests had a blast vanishing into another world at the Castle Byers Illusion Chamber!

This activity was inspired by the famous Pepper’s ghost technique, which is often used in haunted houses to create the illusion of ghosts disappearing and reappearing. It’s all a trick of reflection and light intensity!

Picking and painting pumpkins

Guest painting a pumpkin

At LSC After Dark: The Upside Down, guests picked out a pumpkin from our indoor pumpkin patch (the largest indoor pumpkin patch in New Jersey!) and even got to paint a spooky design.

Experiencing horrors in the Doom Zoo

Monster in the Doom Zoo

This month’s party saw the return of our Doom Zoo, a haunted walkthrough home to nauseating, tormented mutants! This year’s Doom Zoo was bigger and scarier than ever. Many guests chickened out, thus earning a spot on our “Tear Tally,” a checklist of all the people who were too scared to make it to the end.

Finding Monsters of the Night Sky in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Creepy full moon

Over in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere, guests enjoyed a NEW Halloween-inspired show: Monsters of the Night Sky!

In this show, guests explored the astronomical origins of Halloween and discovered the roots of this spooky modern holiday. Viewers also explored creepy things in the night sky, from the Witch Head Nebula to the eerie power of the full moon, and looked for constellation monsters in the sky like Draco the Dragon.

In addition to Monsters of the Night Sky, guests also rocked out to our Halloween-themed laser show: Boo! A Halloween Laser Show.

Exploring the unknown with paranormal investigators

Paranormal research presentation

This month, we were joined again by our friends from the Paranormal Assistance & Research Association and UnScene paranormal web series!

In PSE&G Court, the paranormal investigators had a table displaying the equipment they use in their research, as well as audio and video clips of their findings. Later in the night, they held a special presentation for guests, going into more detail about their work and taking questions from audience members.

Having fun at photo ops

Guests with Demogorgon photo op

There were lots of great photo ops throughout the night, including photos with the Demogorgon and with the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball ’84 backdrop!

Eating bugs at the Bug Buffet

Insects at the Bug Buffet

Yum! We also brought back an LSC After Dark favorite: the Bug Buffet! Guests munched on tasty crickets and learned about “entomophagy,” the practice of eating bugs.

Did you know more than two billion people across the world eat bugs on a regular basis, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations? It’s also a great sustainable solution – insects are likely to produce fewer environmentally harmful greenhouse gases than other livestock.

Enjoying treats from the Starcourt Mall food court

Starcourt Mall food court sign

But bugs weren’t the only thing on the menu! Midnight Market returned again this month with delicious food from local vendors – and this time, we transformed our dining area into the Starcourt Mall food court, one of the most notable settings from Stranger Things Season 3!

Traveling to the Upside Down...via the Touch Tunnel!

Touch Tunnel made over to include Gate to the Upside Down

Most LSC guests have experienced the Touch Tunnel, but never like this! This month, we transformed our most popular exhibition into the Gate to the Upside Down.

Playing games at the Stranger Things Game Room

Guests playing Stranger Things Monopoly

Dungeons & Dragons. Stranger Things Monopoly. Ouija! Over in the Stranger Things Game Room, guests relaxed by playing some games inspired by the show.

Discovering unique apps at the Innovation Station

Innovation Station

LSC After Dark: The Upside Down wasn’t just about spooky things! Every month, our Innovation Station highlights the latest in must-see technological innovations. This month, we were joined by the companies Ribbit and TeliApp.

Ribbit is an app that connects people to eco-friendly spots to eat and drink. It’s a fantastic way to help support restaurants that care about the environment and support a sustainable future.

TeliApp is creator of the Fetch app, which enables people to get internet access from their smartphones to their computers without a hotspot. It’s a great way to create more affordable and faster internet usage!

Rocking out on the dance floor

Guest in Halloween costume on the dance floor

Over on the dance floor, DJ Cream kept things rocking all night. Everyone had a blast!

Checking out all the amazing costumes!

Guest in Stranger Things Halloween costume

LSC After Dark guests always turn it out with the costumes, and this month was no exception! There were some fantastic costumes inspired by Stranger Things, plus amazing looks inspired by Ghostbusters, It, Joker, Child’s Play, and so much more.

Here are just a few of them:

Christmas lights Halloween costumes Guests in Halloween costumes Stranger Things and Child's Play Halloween costumes Joker Halloween costume Ghostbusters Halloween costume

Thanks to everyone who came out for LSC After Dark: The Upside Down! Click here to get tickets now for LSC After Dark: Friendsgiving on Nov. 21, 2019. Kick off the holiday season with games, science, and good times!

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