LSC unites multiple fandoms at NJ Comic Expo

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From Marvel to Game of Thrones to Star Wars, LSC united multiple different fandoms on Nov. 18 and 19 at the New Jersey Comic Expo (NJCE) in Edison!

Each year, LSC partners with NJCE to bring out the science in pop culture and comics. This time, NJCE designated the kid's area of the convention as the "Liberty Science Center Pavilion" to showcase large-scale demonstrations and experiments. In what was our largest endeavor to date, 15 members from LSC's STEM team put on their best nerd gear and provided some scientific insight behind comics, movies, and more.

<i><center>Three fearless members of our STEM team!</i></center>
Three fearless members of our STEM team!

In the LSC Pavilion, super hero fans had a lot to enjoy as our STEM team brought out experiments with a Marvel twist. In the "Magneto's Levitation" experiment, inspired by X-Men, guests levitated a cube with magnetic fields. In the "Professor X's Mind Control" experiment – also inspired by X-Men – guests used electrodes to control another person's arm.

<i><center>Professor X's Mind Control</i></center>
Professor X's Mind Control

And of course we had something for Thor. At the "Thor's Hammer" activity, guests tried to pick up a hammer that was weighed down by electromagnetism.

<i><center>Thor's Hammer</i></center>
Thor's Hammer

Our MakerLab team had a lot of fun too, as they invited guests to sit in our very own Game of Thrones Iron Throne, built with laser cutters and other programming tools. This Iron Throne was originally built for our Game of Thrones-inspired LSC After Dark event earlier this month.

<i><center>Princess Leia on the Iron Throne?! We love it!</i></center>
Princess Leia on the Iron Throne?! We love it!

Regardless of whether you you were a Star Trek or Star Wars fan, there was something to love at the LSC Pavilion.

Several members of our STEM team dressed up in Star Trek uniforms and told guests about our newest premium exhibition, Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience. Visitors even received their own 3D printed-Star Trek communicators.

Star Wars, fans, meanwhile learned about our saber-making course in the MakerLab. That course, which begins Dec. 2, is an exciting opportunity for Star Wars fans to create their own saber using 3D printers. (Learn more about that course here)

<i><center>Star Trek style!</i></center>
Star Trek style!

There were lots of other cool activities throughout the weekend, such as a Cubelets station, where guests learned about the basic components needed to make a functional machine.

<i><center>At the Cubelets station</i></center>
At the Cubelets station

Once again, the LSC team was a rousing success! Thanks to NJCE for giving us the opportunity to explore the science behind everyone's favorite fandoms.

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