LSC volunteer Youssef Gendy creates video inspired by Science Center’s mission

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We would like to give a huge thanks to Youssef Gendy, a Liberty Science Center volunteer and student at County Prep High School in Jersey City, who created this amazing video about LSC's mission!

"I remember the school trips to the Science Center around 10 years ago," Youssef said. "When I walked through the double doors and was greeted by the Hoberman Sphere, my eyes lit up. Ten years later, I returned to the place that ignited my interest in STEM and contributed nearly 200 hours of volunteerism. I’d like to thank LSC for its commitment to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and excite learners of all ages about the power, promise, and pure fun of science and technology.”

Thanks to Youssef for the great work and the outstanding video!

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