LSC’s new art installation invites guests to transform a typical laboratory

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When you think of a laboratory, what do you see? Is it someplace static and plain? Or is it colorful and filled with personality?

This week, guests are invited to enter our “Obliteration Laboratory” and decorate a laboratory using colorful stickers!

Inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama’s “Obliteration Room” – an interactive art display usually in the form of an apartment or domestic living space – LSC’s “Obliteration Room” adds a scientific twist to this popular installation. Guests are invited to contribute and revise the look of a traditional laboratory setting via thousands of stickers! Every time a guest adds a sticker to the “Obliteration Laboratory,” the room changes into something new.

It’s all about bringing the “pure fun” of science and technology to learners of all ages – one of the essential parts of Liberty Science Center’s mission!

Our interactive adventure is already underway, and you can experience it daily through Nov. 11, 2019. We have a total of 70,000 stickers to use, so come on down and have fun! This activity is included in LSC general admission.

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