Master different versions of the Rubik’s Cube online in the interactive Cube Lab

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Ever played with a Rubik’s Cube? If you have, you know how complex, yet exciting it is to solve it! And now you don’t even need the cube to play – you can master it online by visiting the Chrome Cube Lab!

At the Chrome Cube Lab, you can play multiple versions of the famed puzzle. Many enthusiasts have created their own interpretations of the Rubik's Cube. You're invited to try them out and see if you can defeat their challenging designs.

Just a few of the unique puzzles include:

Game Face

Solve this masterpiece by lining up each side to reveal a beautiful piece of artwork!

Circle Cube

Line up these geometric shapes in the Circle Cube. Be careful, these shapes move!

Scanwich Cube

Have an appetite for problem-solving? Try this mouth-watering cube by lining up all of the Scan-wiches.

RGB Cube

Who says a Rubik's Cube only has six colors? Master this design to create the ultimate rainbow cube!

Visit the Cube Lab now and see if you can master them all!

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