Mickelson 2013 ExxonMobil Teachers Academy

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On Friday Phil and Amy Mickelson visited LSC to thank the participants of this year’s Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy. Over the last six years, thousands of teachers from around the country have come together at the Science Center as part of a week-long program during which they learn science experiments to bring home to their classrooms.

During their presentation, Phil talked about the importance that science and math have played in improving his golf game. Amy recounted a time her son tried to, “use science against her” when he and his siblings were having a spitting competition down a historic well.

“We were testing how much force our spit has when it hits the water,” he claimed. She wasn’t buying it. The levity continued when Amy told a story about Phil eating his teacher’s lunch in grammar school. “Phil might have spent a fair amount of time in the principal’s office,” she quipped.

Towards the end of the program Phil and Amy spent some time answering questions. When asked why he lent his name to an organization that promoted STEM, Phil cited studies that showed how American students were far behind in the sciences compared to students in China and Europe. He also mentioned how ExxonMobil understood the importance of educating kids in math so that they could fulfill open positions in a work environment that is constantly trying to fill science jobs.

The academy was created nine years ago by the Mickelsons and ExxonMobil. They are joined by math and science experts from the National Science Teachers Association and Math Solutions who teach the teachers at the academy.

Liberty Science Center would like to congratulate Phil and Amy, ExxonMobil, the National Science Teachers Association, Math Solutions, and all of the participants on an end to an excellent week!

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