NJ.com writer embarks on adventure in LSC's new 'Thomas & Friends' exhibit

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Everyone is talking about LSC's new exhibition, Thomas & Friends: Explore the Rails, and that includes the writers over at NJ.com!

Last week, reporter Terrence T. McDonald humorously chronicled his journey to the exhibit with his 2-year-old nephew, in an article titled "I took my nephew to a 'Thomas & Friends' exhibit and he only cried twice."

During his visit, McDonald – admittedly "not the target audience for 'Thomas & Friends'" – learned how the show and exhibit expose children to concepts related to engineering, problem-solving, and sharing. He also learned the hard way just how much kids – like his nephew – love spending time with Thomas:

"...I had a hard time prying him away. I tried once and managed to get him out in the hallway even as he begged to return. 'I'll do anything!' he cried. I'm not sure these theatrics always work on his parents, but I could not resist. Back to the train table we went."

Thanks for spending the day with us! We hope you visit Thomas again soon.

Click here to check out McDonald's full article, and head over here to learn more about Thomas & Friends: Explore the Rails.

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