Our STEM team has fallen and they can't get up!

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Being a STEM Educator at Liberty Science Center has its ups and downs – literally!

Members of our STEM team are getting down on the ground as part of our newest Traveling Science program, “FUNdamental Physics,” now presenting at elementary school assemblies across the area.

In this program, one of our STEM educators plays the role of “Alex,” a kid who thinks physics is boring. But throughout the assembly, a second STEM educator shows Alex that the world is filled with physics, and that it’s actually a lot of fun.

<i><center>Alex (left) learns about physics with an LSC STEM Educator (right)</i></center>
Alex (left) learns about physics with an LSC STEM Educator (right)

To prove it, a group of students are invited on stage for a game of Tug of War. Initially, there is a “balance of forces” – equal forces pulling in opposite directions – which results in no motion. But when Alex and his friends let go and the forces are “unbalanced,” the other STEM educator falls flat on the floor.


Oh, the things we do for science…

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