Our very own greenhouse for Earth Day

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April 22 was Earth Day, and to celebrate, we built our very own greenhouse! This 40 feet long, 10 feet wide structure structure functioned as a real greenhouse and was filled with special activities for young learners.

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of the greenhouse being built:

Inside the greenhouse, young learners were invited to participate in multiple activities, such as using a flashlight to look inside a log and look for the type of critters that might live there (such as a mouse or insect).

In another activity, guests made their own seed balls using soil, plant seeds, and environmentally-safe clay. Rolled together, guests had their own plant that they could bring back home to grow.

Additional activities including making leaf rubbings, looking through rubbish to determine which items belong in a recycling bin, and using microscopes to take samples from leaves and plants taken outside the Science Center.

It was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Earth Day with us.

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