PHOTOS: Picatinny Arsenal returns to LSC

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Last week, Picatinny Arsenal, the leading hub of military technology and engineering innovation, returned to LSC to show off their cutting-edge military technology. Guests tried out bomb disposal robots, wore virtual reality headsets, and viewed 3D printers and protective Kevlar suits.

Most importantly, guests learned how STEM plays a vital role in the military. For example, military personnel use virtual reality headsets to try new equipment in a safe, video game-like environment, while soldiers use 3D printers to print products out in the field.

Check out some of our favorite photos from Picatinny Arsenal's visit:

<i><center>Trying out a virtual reality headset</i></center>
Trying out a virtual reality headset

<i><center>Bomb disposal robot</i></center>
Bomb disposal robot

<i><center>Controlling a bomb disposal robot</i></center>
Controlling a bomb disposal robot

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