Sam Richard in Beyond Rubik's Cube exhibition

Professional speed cuber Sam Richard shares his story, connects with guests at LSC

Beyond Rubik's Cube

Sunday, March 28 was Cube Day at Liberty Science Center! On this day, all visitors to the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition received a free, exclusive Rubik’s Cube to take home.

But even more importantly, we received a special visit from professional speed cuber Sam Richard!

Throughout the day, Sam met guests, provided tips and tricks, and shared his inspiring story. Sam was born without the corpus callosum – the centerpiece of the brain that connects both the left and right hemisphere. He attributes the Rubik’s Cube to changing his life in many ways, including better grades in school, a stronger mind, stronger muscles, and more logical thoughts. He is the only known cuber with this condition.

Sam Richard in Beyond Rubik's Cube exhibition
Sam Richard in Beyond Rubik's Cube exhibition

Guests had such a great time connecting with Sam that he even gave out his business card to guests who wanted to book virtual Rubik’s Cube lessons!

Thank you to Sam for stopping by the Science Center, and we can’t wait to see you again soon!

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Below, you can also check out a video Sam made of his day at the Science Center:

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