Prototyping for Beyond Rubik's Cube continues

LSC News Beyond Rubik's Cube

Some days it’s like the Rubik’s Cubes never stop clicking around here. We’re just cube crazy!

Our exhibition design team has been prototyping some guest experiences for Beyond Rubik’s Cube and we’ve been lucky enough to tag along.

Prototyping is an important part of designing an exhibit, because you just never know how people might interact with it. Sometimes people take exhibits and experience them in ways you never could have imagined. That could be a great thing or a sign that the exhibit needs to be redesigned. Either way, you know something you didn’t know before! Check out our latest prototyping videos below!

Beyond Rubik’s Cube opens in 2014 and will tour the world for 7 years. It’s going to be a fantastic exhibition. Be sure to follow us on Google+ for more great videos, awesome photos, and updates!

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