Rat Olympics debuts at Liberty Science Center

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Our rats are going for gold as we debut the Rat Olympics at Liberty Science Center!

For months, our Animal Interpretation Associate (AIA) team has trained our rats to engage in a series of obstacles that include hurdles, high jumps, tight ropes, and high dives. Now our furry friends are ready to show off in front of a live audience! You can visit them every Saturday and Sunday at the Science Center and cheer them on.

Guests can even participate in the fun by carrying the Olympic torch, keeping score, and ranking the rats’ performances.

Our Rat Olympics showcases the natural abilities of rats and the behaviors they might use in the wild. For example, their ability to jump reflects how they might need to leap out of the way of a predator. Their ability to run across a rope reflects how they might grab a piece of food off the other end of a branch.

These adaptations are just some of the many reasons why rats survive so well on Earth!

The AIA team trained the rats using only positive reinforcements, such as scratching their backs and giving them treats (there were no punishments involved).

Experience the Rat Olympics every Saturday and Sunday in our Eat and Be Eaten gallery!

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