Rubik's Cube US National Championships social media contest winners announced

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The first day of Nationals we held a social media gathering for cubers and offered up a prize pack to the person who posted the best photos from the competition. The user had to post at least two pictures from the competition on either Twitter or Instagram to enter, and use the hashtag #cubenats2014.

The prize was a Rubik’s Cube backpack filled with Beyond Rubik’s Cube merchandise and this pretty sweet green monkey.

There were a ton of entries and we felt bad about having to exclude so many great posts, so we added two notable mention prizes as well.

Here are our winners:

Grand prize (prize pack)

We spent a lot of time deliberating about this one, but this photo is undeniable.

Notable mentions (Rubik’s Cube snapback hat)

The only photo we saw that combined a delicious breakfast with a Rubik’s Cube.

Finally, letysameasleticia took two of our favorite photos from the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who entered the photo contest. We hope you had a great time checking out Beyond Rubik’s Cube, and we’ll see you on the Internets.

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