Russia's humanoid robot, Skybot F-850

Russia’s humanoid robot has successfully traveled to the International Space Station… alone!

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One small step for man, one giant leap for…robots?

That’s right! Late Monday night, a humanoid robot traveling onboard a Russian spacecraft successfully made its way onto the International Space Station (ISS). This is the first time a Russian Soyuz spacecraft has visited the space station without a human inside.

The robot’s name is Fyodor, a nickname for Skybot F-850. Russia has been making different versions of similar robots for five years, but Fyodor is the first of its kind to travel into space.

Fyodor was launched inside of a Soyuz spacecraft from Kazakhstan on Wednesday, Aug. 21. Fyodor was not actually flying the spacecraft, though. A navigation system called Kurs was piloting the spacecraft, while Fyodor kept track of information like when it would begin to feel microgravity (think: super weak gravity).

Fyodor's journey is designed to help prepare astronauts for a similar trip in the Soyuz spacecraft.

After an initial failed launch on Saturday, Fyodor and his spacecraft successfully docked the ISS late last night! At 11:08 pm EST, the six-foot robot was brought into the space station along with food and supplies for the crew on board. Way to go, Fyodor!

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