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Seven reasons to support Liberty Science Center this Giving Tuesday

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As a nonprofit institution, Liberty Science Center relies on people like you to help us inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, and excite learners of all ages about the power, promise, and pure fun of science and technology.

You can help by making a tax-deductible donation on December 3, known as Giving Tuesday, a global day of philanthropy observed on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

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Interested in learning more about how your donation will support future scientists and technology leaders? Here are seven reasons to support Liberty Science Center this Giving Tuesday:

1) Your donation will introduce students to careers in medicine and biotechnology.

Students watching live on-screen surgery

Liberty Science Center’s award-winning Live From Surgery program offers students the unique opportunity to peer into an operating room and interact with medical experts.

Students watch live during actual kidney transplants, robotic surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery procedures, and more. While it happens, students get to communicate with the surgeons and medical professionals, and even physically hold the instruments viewed on screen. They leave each session with an understanding of the career opportunities they could one day have in the medical field

2) Your donation will support teachers throughout the state.

Educators in professional development workshop

LSC’s Professional Development programs provide teachers with the tools and training they need to bring science to life in their classrooms. By doing this, we’re able to reach exponentially more kids – not just those who visit LSC, but those in classrooms throughout New Jersey.

3) Your donation will build the next generation of scientists.

Boy doing science experiment while wearing lab coat

LSC offers laboratory workshops for all ages that allow learners to explore topics in physics, biology, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, and more.

Even our youngest learners receive an enriching experience. In our chemistry workshops for ages 8 and under, kids don goggles and use liquid nitrogen to cool matter, then learn how to classify materials by their observable properties.

4) Your donation will help provide a scholarship for our Partners in Science program.

Girl in lab

For 30 years, LSC’s Partners in Science program has provided an intensive, eight-week summer experience for high school juniors and seniors. The program pairs students with mentors in science, health, and technical fields and challenges them to participate in ongoing research and independent projects.

Last summer, the projects included studying scaffolds for stem cells to heal fractures in the human body and developing educational astronomy programs for children and families.

5) Your donation will help feed the naked mole rats, cotton-top tamarin monkeys, snakes, turtles, and 100+ animal species at the Science Center.

Crested gecko

LSC is home to a live animal collection with 100+ animal species and giant aquariums.

Meet a colony of naked mole rats digging, scrambling, and working together in Eat and Be Eaten, or discover fish, turtles, and other creatures that live in the Hudson River in Our Hudson Home. Guests can also get their hands on fascinating shellfish, snails, and sea urchins at the Touch Tank or conduct ecology experiments in our on-site labs with the help of our educators.

6) Your donation will inspire the next generation of robotics experts.

Girl and boy working with robot

In 2019, the science of robotics has moved beyond science-fiction movies and TV shows. Robots are used to perform surgeries, defuse bombs, find missing people, and more.

LSC offers robotics programs that allow students of all ages learn how to make robots a reality.

7) Your donation will give a student a trip to LSC.

Girl in I Explore exhibition

No matter the size of your contribution, your donation matters. A $10 donation will give one child from an at-risk district the opportunity to spend a full day exploring LSC.

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