Staten Island Zoo brings sloths and more animals on LSC visit

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April 19-28 was Conservation Week at LSC! Here at the Science Center, we turned Earth Day into a weeklong celebration with special activities, demos, and presentations all about protecting the environment and its residents.

On Saturday, April 27, we welcomed some very special animal guests from the Staten Island Zoo. Guests viewed and learned about a wide variety of creatures from all over the globe, such as a sulcata tortoise named Samson, a tawny frogmouth named Darwin, a dwarf crocodile named Brutus, and a two-toed sloth named Waffles.

Unfortunately, sloths are affected by the illegal pet trade, and often suffer with people who have them as pets because of their very specific medical needs. Her keeper, Ellie, spoke about how sloths have a very unique anatomy to fit a very unique lifestyle – like only going to the bathroom once a month!

Waffles the two-toed sloth

On the stage

In addition to sloths, guests learned how reptiles, such as crocodiles, are often killed for products like belts and shoes. The speaker advised our guests to be responsible and think of any ways an animal may have been affected before buying a product.

Guests also learned how pest problems have arisen due to the decline of tawny frogmouth birds, who eat many pest insects. Unfortunately, their deciduous forest homes are being lost.

Tawny frogmouth bird

LSC and the Staten Island Zoo have developed a great relationship (it’s easy to work together when we all love animals!). Big thanks to the Staten Island Zoo for joining us, and an even bigger thanks to all the guests who came out to learn!

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