Support for Our Community’s Healthcare Workers

Our Community

Healthcare workers treating COVID-19, especially in New Jersey, are facing a shortage of essential medical equipment. Items like N-95 face masks, surgical gloves, sterile gowns, and even cleaning supplies are desperately needed at nearby hospitals and medical centers.

Our hard-working local healthcare professionals need to keep safe while treating those affected. Stephanie Silva, an LSC STEM Educator, realized that some of the personal protective equipment used in LSC’s on-site lab programs could be useful to local healthcare professionals. She and additional LSC staff members immediately gathered the sterile, unused protective gear—including gowns, masks, and gloves—and donated the items to the Jersey City Medical Center and Christ Hospital.

Stephanie explained, “There are people who are putting themselves at risk right now to protect us all. Some people who are working in the hospitals have to wear the same mask when they are really only meant for one use.”

She explained her need to help our community: “I wanted to get out and do something, so when I thought about this opportunity, I knew this would make an impact.”

Coming together to help those on the front lines will help the whole community. Medical professionals risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones by working in this environment. They need basic protective equipment. If you have any similar supplies that are not in use at your house, garage, or workplace, please consider donating them to a local hospital or testing site.

Be sure to call ahead to find out a safe method for making a donation, or work with an organization like Medshare in Secaucus, which coordinates donations. Click here for more information.

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