Things we love: artist's drawing of Our Hudson Home

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A few days ago, Jersey City artist Rasika Boice reached out and shared this beautiful illustration of her daughter's visit to LSC's Our Hudson Home exhibition!

In the picture, Rasika's daughter Kavi and Kavi's friend Ria, both two years old, admire the massive fish who reside in Our Hudson Home.

"I think Kavi and Ria were so intrigued by Our Hudson Home because of how big the fish were – larger than either of them!" Rasika tells us. "They hadn't seen anything quite like that before."

A few of the giant fish who reside in our exhibition include the black drum, white perch, permit, and crevalle jack.

"I wanted to capture this specific moment because of how clear their excitement is," Rasika says. "It's based on a photo sent by their nanny, and I love how they are both pointing to the fish like, 'Whoa! Did you see that?' LSC definitely helped plant the seed of a lovely, little friendship."

Interested in seeing more of Rasika's work? Click here to visit her Instagram page!

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