Things we love: naked mole rat video game!

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You've heard of Donkey Kong, and you've heard of Sonic the Hedgehog, but how about a video game starring one of Liberty Science Center's naked mole rats?

It's one of the many possible games students can create via Stencyl, a video game development tool currently being taught in some of our Science Center programs!

With Stencyl, students can jump into game design using a drag and drop coding system in an easy-to-learn user interface. Each game can be designed to have its own character, story art, and levels. So far, we've had great success and some exciting games already created by the students in our Girls in Technology program at Chancellor Avenue Elementary School in Newark, N.J.

Know a kid who would love to make their own video game via Stencyl? Sign up for our "Video Game Designer" course at LSC Science Camp this summer, open to students entering grades 6-8. Click here to learn more.

If you're a teacher or educator interested in teaching Stencyl to your students, click here to learn more about our programs in the Innovation Lab. Stencyl is taught in the "Intro to Stencyl" workshop and "Game Art & Design" workshop for grades 6-12.

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