Thomas has a flashlight and other quick bits

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Just wanted to give everyone some quick updates about other great stuff happening around LSC.

Our May Members Night has been announced!

Thomas showed us this giant flashlight this morning. It’s probably the largest flashlight we’ve seen in person.

Fred has Allison and Corinne training with animals (a blue-tongued skink and wood turtle, respectively). When their Jedi animal training is complete, they’ll walk around Eat and Be Eaten and Our Hudson Home teaching guests all about the various critters we have in the back.

Blue-tounged skink with Allison! #libertysciencecenter #jerseycity #hoboken #newark #nyc #bayonne #LibertyStatePark

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Wood turtle with @corinneycakes #libertysciencecenter #jerseycity #hoboken #newark #nyc #bayonne #LibertyStatePark

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