Traveling 'Animal Connections' Smithsonian exhibit visits Liberty Science Center

LSC News

“Animal Connections: Our Journey Together,” a traveling exhibit on an 18-wheel truck that introduces visitors to the special relationship humans share with animals, will be at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, Monday (Aug. 18) through Wednesday (Aug. 20).

The free exhibit will be parked near the front entrance of Science Center within Liberty State Park. Presented by the Smithsonian Institution and the American Veterinary Medical Association, the exhibit explores topics about animals in the home, on the farm, in the wild, at the zoo and in the veterinary clinic. “Animal Connections” is made possible through the generous support of founding sponsor Zoetis and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.

For more information, visit For more pictures of ‘Animal Connections’ at Liberty Science Center check out Instagram and Twitter.

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