Updated: Observation hive bees take all their belongings, leave us

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Over the weekend our observation hive bees decided they needed more room, so they packed up their things and left.

Yeah, we feel a little jilted.

This isn’t uncommon, though. Observation hives are really cool and do an excellent job of getting the public close to bees in a safe and fascinating way. Unfortunately, observation hives aren’t very scalable and sometimes colonies get very big very quickly. When the bees feel like they’re running out of room, they’ll decide to move on.

Luckily we’re neighbors to Liberty State Park which is one of the biggest and most beautiful green spaces in all of New Jersey. We’re sure our bee colony is out there somewhere right now building a new hive and dancing the night away.

It’s fine. We’ll get over it.

Seriously though, we’re going to get a new colony of bees back in the observation hive very soon. People love to see the bees up close and it’s never been more important to understand and appreciate the honey bee.

In the meantime we’ll be listening to this on repeat:

Or this:

Even this:

Update: We’re back in business! A new colony has moved into the observation hive.

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